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Centre nameCayman Islands Hospital
Average user rating achieved by this centre0
Address Hospital Rd
CityGeorge Town
State / Region / Province / CountyGrand Cayman
CountryCayman Islands

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by Meg
on January 23, 2016
My husband dialyzed here in 2012, while we were on a cruise. Very professional and caring staff. My initial contact was by phone, but all subsequent communications were by email.

We were a little anxious because my husband has just started dialysis two months prior and was still having issues with the access. I remembered the nurse just giving us a reassuring and confident smile when we expressed concerns. It was a breeze for a her. She got it correctly at the first go. We definitely recommend this hospital.
on March 1, 2008
I just got back from my visit to Grand Caymen, and I've been on dialysis for lesss than a month, so I was a little apprehensive about going transient.
I found out about the dialysis center on this site and it was a great find. I contacted the center and spoke to a woman named Sue. she was very helpful on the phone and told me what I need to get from my dialysis center in Rockville MD. USA.
I made the reservation in Caymen within two weeks from my trip and everything went very smooth.
Being a British colony, I was happy that everyone there spoke english, and I was very stisfied with their accomendations and cleanliness.
I stayed at the ritz and they had a driver take me to the hospital and pick me up right on time also.
The only problem was checking out. Apparently the system is mistakenly set up to charge 500. Caymen dollars, when it should be set up to be $500. US dollars.
So my billing got screwed up on checkout and I had to pay $634.00 US dollars.
They have promised me that they would resolve this mess, butI haven't seen any revised documents sent to me yet, But I 've only been back three days.
All in all a very pleasant experience, don't hesitate to use this Georgtown Hospital for you dialysis While in the caymnes,
Sorry to post here but I haven't been able to find any information anywhere else. Not even the Cayman Health Care site..
Does anyone know if Peritoneal Dialysis supplies/treatment are covered by insurance and where you get supplies from?
on November 3, 2001
One of the friendliest, most caring group of technicians and staff of anywhere I've ever been, also up-to-date equipment and very sanitary conditions. I was more than satisfied.
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